[Bill]…is just about perfect as Yvonne, whose brittle, bad-girl façade cannot completely hide the tender-hearted dreamer within .” - James D. Watts , Jr. Tulsa World
Yvonne once again quietly commands attention as the housekeeper Mrs. Pearce. As she has in LOOK's other productions, [Bill] brings a great deal of depth and nuance to what could be a one-dimensional character. If LOOK has some sort of ‘best supporting actor' award, [Bill] certainly deserves it.” James D. Watts, Tulsa World
“Right from the opening f minor chord on through to the closing c major, we are on a roller coaster, driven, guided and controlled by the expert conducting of the company's founder Denes Striny. It is a thrilling performance. All three villains were sung by Metropolitan Opera bass-baritone John Cheek. His portrayals were creatively understated and precisely calibrated for maximum dramatic, visual and emotional effect. He is a true artist. Hoffmann was sung with considerable brio by Matthew Wolff, an engaging performance. Hoffmann's three loves, Olympia (Kathleen Szalay), Giulietta (Yvonne [Bill]), and Antonia (Margaret Jensen), were all more than adequately realized.” Charles Kondek, The Independent